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Protect your valuable information

Secure on paper but how safe are you in reality?

Unsafe use of secure technology?

Is your workload too high to work securely?

Is your company's information secure?

Strong information security is an important prerequisite for business continuity. But it can be difficult and complex for a company to be continuously secure.

DVG InfoSeQ helps directors, executives and managers to gain control over their information security and privacy protection.


Continuously secure

True Security

Many organisations still struggle with their information security and privacy protection. 

Often the ISO certification has already been achieved, an ISMS has been set up and policies written. However, policies often don't translate well to daily operations are are left by the wayside. The ISMS operates in isolation making security measures are not insufficiently effective.

Changes in business operations and newly found vulnerabilities lead to new risks and require ongoing adjustments to a company's security. Bureaucracy and complexity are also reoccurring problems, while others simply struggle to maintain the staffing capacity to keep up. 

Pragmatic approach

By using our own DVG method we help our customers with practical the implementation of information security, privacy protection and subsequent ongoing support. 

Our Services

From opaque, difficult and complicated

to clear, doable and understandable.

The DVG approach aims to reduce bureaucracy and complexity. This enables us to put realistic and practical security measures in place. 

Our method combines ISO 9001 and LeanSixSigma with security standards such as:

ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 22301, NEN 7520, BIO and SURF. 

Our services:

  • Consulting & Advice

  • Interim solutions and team building

  • Continuity & continuous improvement


About us

In addition to experience in information security, the founders of DVG InfoSec have a background in program management, coaching, organisation and process optimisation.

​This combination of background and skills enables us to deliver a practical information security program.

​​We work with strategic (technology) partners who have extensive experience in solving specific challenges in areas such as secure data storage, cybersecurity, secure HR, awareness and risk analysis.

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